This Article will give you insights on how to create a variable argument method in java.

Variable argument method is mainly used when

Variable arguments are declared as datatype followed by 3 dots : String…

Consider the following example:

Here the method varIntArgMethod() is a variable argument method which will accept integer arguments and perform summation on those variables.

Output for the above code :

This article will give you insights on the Postman tool and how to perform GET, POST, PUT and DELETE operations.

What is Postman?

It is a tool which comes handy while testing the API functionalities. We can test an API by proving the rest mapping path and get a response.

This article will guide you through the steps to configure kafka with a Spring Boot application.

From where to download?

You can download kafka from the following link(download the binary):

After downloading, extract the file using 7zip or, in linux use the following command to extract the tar file(kafka_2.12–2.7.0.tgz):

tar -xvf kafka_2.12–2.7.0.tgz

You will…


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